Monday, July 13, 2009

Twilight Saga

Twilight...this book series has taken us all for a whirlwind ride. Some of us never expected it either. I am one of those that was skeptical. My daughter had read the series and had been telling me about the books and I was totally not into it. I didn't want to really hear about the books let alone read them. Well the movie came and went with neiter my self or my daughter going to watch it. So now come the movie on DVD. Well I finally decided the if I am going to the DVD release at midnight, I may as well know more about these books. So my daughter Jeane let me read her Twilight book. FELL in LOVE!!!! I just loved Edward. Bella on the other had kinda got on my nerves. Hole other story, anyway I just loved the book and couldn't put it down. Let me say I read all 4 books in 4 days! No eating or sleeping I might add. I had to have the next book and so her friend let me borrow book 2 New Moon. Well I cried like a baby! I couldnt' believe how I cried. What a sap,but I was hooked with these characters now. Then came book 3, Eclipse and I borrowed from my cousin Wendy, who like my daughter Jeane had been a Twilight fan already. Well Eclipse was not disappointing. I loved dear Jacob even more so and cried so much when Bella saw her life with him in a kiss and still let him go. It broke my heart to hear Jacob howl in pain while Edward talked of marriage to Bella while in the tent. Again cried and I mean heaving crying. I felt Jacobs pain wanting and loving but knowing that that love is gone. I was the worst. Then came book 4 Breaking Dawn and again I went to cousin Wendy for that copy. Now it all makes sense, and I felt some comfort knowing that while Jacob did love Bella, there was more to that love then we all realized. And now he has Reneseme and Edward has Bella and they are where they each belong. So that was my journey threw Twilight. Little did I know that in 4 days I would fall in love with these characters of Forks and be as crazy about this series as my daughter and cousin Wendy are. Along with millions of others. Read Twilight Saga

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